500px-Flag of Scotland

Alba's emblem, adapted from the Scottish national flag.

Alba was the insurgent group responsible for overthrowing the Unity-loyal elements in the Caledonia Planetary Militia and officially declaring the colony's independence as part of the Haptsön Pact in U98.


The seeds of unrest were sown in Caledonia by the outlawing of the Scottish saltire by the then-new Unity government. When the ban was defied on Burns Night in U25, those responsible were tried as traitors and executed. These four were forever remembered by those who sympathised with their cause as the Burns Night Martyrs.

When Nuton Kurios began making inquiries around the galactic North East, attempting to determine which colonies might be willing to cast off Unity's rule, it came to the attention of Teranse McNaughton. McNaughton was excited to discover that there might be a possibility of some co-ordinated uprising in the sector, and set about organising support for the cause. This group took on the name Alba, Gaelic for Scotland, as their name, and became signatories to the Haptsön Pact.


Though their forces were not formidable, Alba had a key role to play in the uprising of U98. They eliminated the possibile interference of the Caledonian Planetary Militia (indeed recruiting many of its members to their cause), and assaulted the Unity Navy garrison in the system. They had too few ships to spare any for the Battle of Giants, but held their ground against a minor counterattack. The colony was thereby officially declared independent from Unity and remained independent until becoming a founder member of The New Order government in U102. Alba itself disbanded as a political entity once the independent Caledonian government was formed, in large part from Alba members.

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