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The logo of Arbiter Fuel Corporation

Arbiter Fuel Corporation, known colloquially as Arbiter Fuels, is a corporation based on Arbiter Station in the Arbiter system.


After a South African entrepreneur funded an unprecedented colonisation effort following initial probe data from the system, Arbiter Fuel Corporation was established as one of the galaxy's most prolific fuel suppliers. Only the long-established Frontline Fuels was able to continue competing, and the two were soon bitter rivals. Their respective militias would often clash in open conflict, and allegations of sabotage and aggression were rife on each side.

The CoalitionEdit

Full Article: The Coalition

This rivalry made it all the more remarkable when the two fuel corporations both became members of The Coalition, pooling their resources to fight the piracy threat growing in the fronge systems. Under the leadership of CEO Langton Parnett, it contributed several pilots and spacecraft from its own militia, and agreed to cover half of the fuel needs of the military wing of the new corporate alliance.


Arbiter Fuel Corporation and Frontline Fuels were amalgamated into Unity Fuels shortly after the declaration of Unity, and ceased to trade as distinct entities. Their basic infrastructure was maintained, however, and Arbiter Station retained its name.

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