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Carter Technologies, often abbreviated to Carter Tech, is a corporation based in San Fransisco, on Earth, in the Sol system.


Despite being founded on Earth, Carter Tech is in fact one of the youngest of the galaxy's corporations. Based almost entirely around a single man's genius, it took just ten years for the company to make the transition from startup to a multi-billion-credit empire.

Larnel Carter, founder and CEO of Carter Technologies, launched his business with the patenting of a revolutionary design for a new, comapct hyperspace engine. It allowed even small ships to make the journey through hyperspace, a feat previously only possible by being carried by a larger vessel. This technology was immediately snapped up by Liberty Shipyards, Tranquility Aerospace, Godsforge Munitions, and every other shipbuilders in the galaxy.

The CoalitionEdit

Full article: The Coalition

This, and further advances, ensured that Carter Technologies was sufficiently powerful a galactic player to be included in the coalition of seven corporations that joined forces to combat the pirate threat in the fringe colonies. Its main contribution other than its technologies themselves was the expertise of Larnel Carter himself, who provided a number of innovative solutions to problems faced by the coalition.


Carter Technologies continued to operate under the same name once the galactic government of Unity was formed, though it was included in the centralisation of assets and so ceased to be an independent corporation.

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