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The logo of Galactic Agriculture

Galactic Agriculture is a corporation based on Conway II in the Conway system.


Originally formed as an offshoot of a well-established British agricultural corporation, Galactic Agriculture was intended to farm the vast tracts of extrasolar land in the largely-untouched galaxy. It was the sole investor in a colonisation mission to Conway II, and within two years had produced enough food to all but eliminate hunger on Earth. This won the then-CEO, Fiona Cooper, the Nobel Prize for Peace that year, and saw the "offshoot" corporation overtake its parent company in value. Within ten years of Galactic Agriculture's founding, its parent company had been amalgamated under the newer, more successful name.

The CoalitionEdit

Full article: The Coalition

Galactic Agriculture, under the leadership of CEO Miles Balfour, was one of the seven corporations that joined forces to combat the pirate threat in the fringe colonies and provided all the rations necessary to keep Alamo Station, and the Coalition's military machine, running smoothly.


With the founding of the Unity government, Galactic Agriculture was included in the centralisation of assets which effectively stopped it operating as an independent corporation. Due in part, perhaps, to its distinguished and ubiquitous name, however, it was not rebranded as some corporations were and was allowed to retain its identity. The logo was no longer used outside of the Conway system once the corporation had been merged into Unity.

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