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The logo of Godsforge Munitions

Godsforge Munitions is a corporation based on Hephaestus in the Hephaestus system.


One of the youngest of the pre-Unity corporations, Godsforge Munitions was founded shortly after the discovery of Hephaestus, a mineral-rich planet that proved the perfect location for weapons and spacecraft manufacture. It was soon established as a serious rival to the other corporations already engaged in these industries. Within a decade it was the undisputed centre of weapons manufacture, with Tranquility Aerospace and Liberty Shipyards still clinging tenaciously to their market share of the shipbuilding business.

The CoalitionEdit

Full article: The Coalition

Godsforge Munitions, under the leadership of CEO Dang Zhou, was one of the seven corporations that joined forces to combat the pirate threat in the fringe colonies and provided much of the military hardware used, including the GA-B4 Osprey, and the GA-C1 Valkyrie. As one of the galaxy's main centres of engineering excellence, it also provided a substantial number of the technicians working on Alamo Station.


With the founding of the Unity government after the encounter with the alien array, Godsforge was included in the centralisation of assets which effectively stopped it operating as an independent corporation. Unlike Tranquility Aerospace and Liberty Shipyards, which were amalgamated to form the Unity Shipyards, Godsforge retained its identity and continued to produce weapons under the Godsforge name. The logo was no longer used outside of the Hephaestus system once the corporation had been merged into Unity.

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