Schematics for the TA-69 Hornet

The Tranquility Aerospace TA-69 superiority fighter, or "Hornet", was a medium-range heavy attack fighter developed before the founding of Unity.


A two-seater fighter, the Hornet was designed to meet the needs of more demanding combat while sacrificing as little manoeuvrability as possible. It could reach a top speed of 280m/s and was capable of hyperspace travel.

While its configuration allowed for a certain flexibility in loadout, standard weaponry was a pair of wing-mounted laser cannons and two missile pods capable of holding a full payload of thirty guided missiles.

Historical UseEdit

Developed by Tranquility Aerospace approximately fifteen years before the founding of Unity, the Hornet was originally trialled as a militia-only ship in an attempt to keep it out of the hands of the pirates of the outer systems. However, sales figures in the first year were disappointing and it was eventually made freely available at a reduced price.

At the founding of Unity, the Hornet was still in widespread use throughout the galaxy; many of the corporate militias used the Hornet as their fighter of choice as it gave a distinct advantage over the pirate Tercels. These ships were amalgamated into the coalition forces, and thereby the earliest incarnation of the Unity Navy. However, priority was given to the production of the more modern TA-77 Polecat and the Hornet was officially discontinued in the Eighth Year of Unity.

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