Kiah Sicarius was the right hand of the Primus of the Church of Intentionality at the time of Unity's founding. While an unofficial position, being the representative of the inordinately powerful Church made him the de facto power behind the coalition, and one of the driving forces behind its creation.

Early LifeEdit

Kiah was born to Abraham and Rebekah on New Jerusalem in the New Jerusalem system. He was shortlisted to become the acolyte of the Primus, but passed over in favour of Gaia Linhot. His ambition was such that he nevertheless managed to attain a position of great influence within the Church. He made a name for himself as a man driven by a fierce devotion to the Great Destiny and a certainty of his own role within it. It was for this reason that he masterminded the creation of the corporate coalition with a view to the eventual founding of Unity.

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