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The logo of Liberty Shipyards

Liberty Shipyards is a corporation based in New York, on Earth in the Sol system.


One of the longest-established corporations in history, Liberty Shipyards was the biggest manufacturer of spacefaring vessels at the beginning of the golden age of space exploration. It designed and made the ships that explored the farthest reaches of Earth's solar system before the discovery of hyperspace travel.

Though Tranquility Aerospace soon began to rival its Terran counterpart within just a few years of its founding, the older company continued to produce high-quality ships at the cutting edge of design, allowing it to remain competetive right up to the founding of Unity. As more shipyards were founded throughout the galaxy, Liberty Shipyards reduced its focus to combat vessels only.

The CoalitionEdit

Full article: The Coalition

Liberty Shipyards, under the leadership of Asta Venk, was one of the seven corporations that joined forces to combat the pirate threat in the fringe colonies, providing LS-72 Lightning-class fighters and designing a new capital ship, the LS-100 Mastodon (under the title of Unity Shipyards), as a platform for the Unity strike against the alien array.


Liberty Shipyards and Tranquility Aerospace were amalgamated into Unity Shipyards with the declaration of Unity following humanity's first contact with aliens. Both ceased to operate as distinct entities, though their respective facilities remained fully operational under the new name. The Mastodon was the last ship developed to bear the "LS" prefix denoting its origin in Liberty Shipyards.

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