Schematics for the TA-77 Polecat

The Tranquility Aerospace TA-77 Heavy Fighter, or "Polecat", was a long-range heavy attack fighter developed in the Second Year of Unity.


A revolutionary design, the TA-77 was intended to fulfil the role of a heavy strike fighter while matching smaller craft in manoeuvrability. A single-seater vessel, it boasted a top speed of 280m/s and was capable of hyperspace travel.

Its four laser cannons were housed in fixed armor pods on the fuselage, ensuring that they would not be damaged in the event that the ship's shields became drained. Its belly contained three missile pods capable of carrying a full payload of sixty guided missiles.

Historical UseEdit

Developed by Tranquility Aerospace operating under the control of the newly-formed Unity government in the Second Year of Unity, the Polecat was designed to form the backbone of the Unity Navy's roster of fighters. Its distribution was tightly controlled, and was never available to the civilian market.

Despite playing a pivotal role in the early years of Unity, including the first Battle of Tortuga, and the later clash with the alien array in the same system, the TA-77 had a short-lived production life and was officially discontinued in the Fourteenth Year of Unity. It did, however, continue to be deployed by the Navy for several years afterwards.

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