Schematics for the GA-F9 Tercel

The Godsforge Aerospace GA-F9 Interceptor, or "Tercel" was a short-range light attack fighter developed before the founding of Unity.


A single-seat interceptor, the GA-F9's main appeal was its manoeuvrability and high top speed of 300m/s. It was also the smallest ship of its time to be capable of hyperspace travel.

It carried a very basic ship-to-ship weapons loadout of two wing-mounted laser cannons and two missile pods capable of holding a full payload of twenty guided missiles.

Historical UseEdit

Developed by Godsforge Aerospace, a division of Godsforge Munitions, around twenty years before the establishment of Unity, the Tercel was designed as a low-cost interceptor-class fighter and made immediately available on the open market.

It was a popular ship, particularly among the fringe systems - to which it had been extensively marketed. The other main buyers were the smaller corporations, keen to protect their assets but unwilling to shell out large amounts of money.

At the founding of Unity, the Tercel was still in widespread use among the fringe systems but was not produced in great numbers by Unity itself as part of its plans to build a strong Navy. Production was officially discontinued in the Eighth Year of Unity.

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