The coalition was the unofficial name for the secretive operation which saw unprecedented cooperation between seven of the galaxy's most powerful corporations.


The coalition was born when Kiah Sicarius, acting on behalf of the Primus and Church of Intentionality, approached the CEOs of several major corporations to suggest the notion of cooperation to tackle the growing problem of piracy in the fringe systems.

The antagonism between the various corporations was not easy to overcome, and it was over a year before they signed a tentative agreement to pool some small amount of their resources in a space station in the Daemonia system, Alamo Station. It was from here that the assault on Juliano Station was launched, marking the first military cooperation of the new coalition.


The Coalition was comprised of seven corporations, represented on the council by the CEO of each.

The ArrayEdit


Artist's impression of the alien array in its transit and deployed states.

After the phyrric success of the Juliano raid, the next target was chosen to be the fiercely independent colony of Korpi in the Xylon system. A greatly increased number of ships were contributed by the various corporations, though their military advisor, General Leetman, suggested that more powerful force would be needed to ensure victory.

What nobody had anticipated, however, was the appearance of an unidentified alien array, which promptly eradicated all life on the planet, and turned its attention on the fleet when fired upon. Only Hieron Tomac, the pilot chosen to lead the coalition fleet, survived to bring news of the massacre back to Alamo Station.


The alien attack prompted the coalition to approach the Earth States Commonwealth with a proposal to enlarge and formalise the alliance to include all of humanity under one banner. An agreement was eventually reached, Unity was declared, and the first Council of Unity was formed.

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