The symbol of the Haptson Pact

The Haptsön Pact was a treaty signed in the ninety-eighth year of Unity, that formalised an agreement between several factions to oppose, politically and militarily, the rule of the centralised Unity government.

It also gave its name to the alliance that this treaty created, before the rebellion was finally amalgamated into a bona fide interstellar government in its own right, The New Order, in U102.


The Pact took its name from one of the primary driving forces behind its creation, former Admiral Dino Haptsön. It was he who contacted the various faction leaders and persuaded them that the time had come for action. He also led the allied forces against the arrayed might of the Unity Navy during the pivotal Battle of Giants in U98.


Aside from Haptsön himself, who signed on behalf of his own insurgent group Haptsön's Fist (hailing from the Haven system but not representing them), representatives of factions in six star systems signed the original treaty:

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