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This wiki is intended to collect all the information you could possibly want - and not want - regarding the science fiction novels that make up The Unity Chronicles. It is intended to form a basic encyclopedia of the universe, complete with biographies of characters, details of the various factions, corporations, locations, and technologies.

What are The Unity Chronicles?Edit

The Unity Chronicles is an umbrella term for a set of science fiction tales written by Nick Westwood. They are set in a distant, spacefaring future, when mankind has colonised dozens of extraterrestrial worlds through the discovery of hyperspace travel. Though the universe is still young, in terms of published novels, it already has a history spanning around two hundred (Earth) years, and over fifty settled star systems, which provide fertile ground for storytelling.

Please visit the official site for more information on the novels, including details of how to buy the ones which have already been published.

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Just type in a search term that interests you in the search box. Alternatively, if you're just here to browse, you could start at the page for Ex Nihilo, the first published novel of The Unity Chronicles. From there, links will take you all over this wiki, wherever you decide to go!

There are also a few drop-down menus next to the main site heading at the top of the page, where pages from some of the more popular categories are listed for convenient access.

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