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The logo of Tranquility Aerospace

Tranquility Aerospace is a corporation based on Luna, the moon of Earth in the Sol system.


Tranquility Aerospace is famous for being the shipyard that built the shuttle Gagarin, the first manned craft sent through hyperspace. The low gravity of the Earth's moon made for very favourable construction conditions, and though Liberty Shipyards in New York was a far older company - in fact building the ships used to transport much of Tranquility's infrastructure into orbit - the lunar shipyard soon rivalled its terran neighbour for success.

The CoalitionEdit

Full article: The Coalition

Tranquility Aerospace, under the leadership of CEO Ari Zack, was one of the seven corporations that joined forces to combat the pirate threat in the fringe colonies, providing fighters such as the TA--69 Hornet and TA-77 Polecat.


Tranquility Aerospace and Liberty Shipyards were amalgamated into Unity Shipyards with the declaration of Unity following humanity's first contact with aliens. Both ceased to operate as distinct entities, though their respective facilities remained fully operational under the new name.

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